May 18, 2012 Teenagers are amazing

May 18, 2012

I volunteer in the Attendance Office at my son’s high school.  My way of keeping an eye on him until he leaves for college.  Today, I had the most wonderful experience and the exchange I had with a student was another reminder that our young adults of today are so amazing!

This junior in high school is looking at colleges and getting her resume ready to send off.  We were talking about prom, dresses and food, that kind of thing.  Then it went to studies and actually putting the different categories on her resume.  She said prom would not be one of them!  I got a huge laugh.  Then she said that she had COMMON SENSE down as one of her SPECIAL SKILLS on her resume.  It threw me off for a minute.  But she had a point and proves to be very wise.  Adults today don’t common sense, so a teenager stating she has common sense (or even realizing there is such a thing) just made my heart so big.  What an amazing young woman?  Yes, I vote for her.  I may even “copy” her and add it to my resume.