May 20, 2012

Happiness is hard to find yet it is the simpliest thing in the whole world.  It is honest and pure, actually everywhere, free, abundant and offered to everyone.  It has no barriers, except the ones we put on it.  Free for the taking, but humans choose not to take it and run. Choose not to enjoy and relish this wonderful “thing”.  I am guilty, but guess what?  I want to be the most selfish person in the world (in this one area) and take as much of this free thing as I can store!  Happiness changes ones outlook on this gray, dark world.  Take a look at yourself and decide to be honest about who you are.  Try to make yourself better, the world better.  One of the things that steals my happiness is being selfish, feeling sorry for myself.  Yes, I may have bad days, but no more excuses.  The reason this world is dark and gray, isn’t because everyone else is so bad, it is because I choose not to make it a better place.   Period.  What have you done today, this week, to make the world better?  If everyone did one thing for someone else, just think of the impact.  Stop blaming and do something.