The pride I have in my son shows in my smile.  Being a mom and wife have been my occupation for the  past 21 years.  I love my occupation!

But kids grow up and life goes on.  My son leaves for Purdue University in August.  After nurturing and “feeding” my family for all these years, it is time to do some nurturing for myself.  My passion to serve, help and be a better person each day, has lead me to New York.  Taking acting workshops, on-camera commercial classes, scene study and one on one coaching are filling my days now.  Even learning an Irish accent and Spanish are now part of my “to do” lists, in place of “make lunch” and “get more ham for sandwiches”.  I love this new world that I have always wanted to be a part of and now the reality feeds me.  I do crochet and knit, but don’t seem to have time for that nowdays.  Life is so good!